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"Music man"
october 9, 1976


Monster Squad was a one season NBC Saturday morning live action show for kids in 1976.  In it, Walt, who worked in his uncle's wax museum, discovered that he could bring the figures of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Wolfman to life.  Wanting to atone for the sins of their past, the trio, with Walt's crime computer set out on a mission to stop evil wherever they found it.

We move on to the fifth episode with the villain - Music Man.  This one clearly has Batman 66 DNA all over it from the henchmen to the humor to the appearance of Stanley Ralph Ross.

John and Joe Crowe of RevolutionSF and the Dragoncon American SciFi Classics Track discuss "Primrose Lane", the humor of Marty Allan and Stanley Ralph Ross' desire to be an actor.

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