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Batman 66 #9

"Zelda's Great Escape" &

"Showdown with Shame"

Published: March 19, 2014

Zelda the Great is free and back to her scheme of coming up with inescapable traps that she needs the unwilling help of Batman and Robin to solve.  Plus, Shame and Batman have a showdown on top of a moving train.

John and Dan talk about John's disappoint with Zelda returning to crime, the "poor deluded girl" lured into a life of crime and adventure, and how the Shame story could easily be a third season episode.

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Dan Greenfield is the editor and co-creator of, a website devoted primarily to comics and pop culture, past and present. To him, the basic food groups are Batman, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek (the Original Series), James Bond, the Beatles and the Stones. But if he had to he'd be able to subsist on Batman alone. Channel 11 in New York was his favorite syndicated channel as a kid -- you can guess why -- followed closely by Channel 5. Channel 9 didn't really enter into it unless he was home sick and there wasn't much else on. He's married to his remarkably patient wife Wendy and his best sidekick is his son, Sam. They have two cats,Lex and Zod.



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Dan mentioned several pieces that he wrote for 13th Dimension.  Here they are.

Craig Rousseau's Batman triptych -

Ruben Procopio's Artwork for this issue -

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